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About us

Sabra-Cat was founded and established in March 2011 as a non-profit entity (registered Association) aiming the growing need of the Israeli FIFe breeders, for a local, available, professional and reliable FIFe club. We are also aiming those cat breeders, in Israel, who are interested to breed their cats according to the high leveled FIFe's Breeding and Registrations rules and regulations.

We are welcoming new members to Sabra-Cat, and are working towards a yet growing FIFe Community, in Israel, which will assure us a respectable place in the FIFe International arena. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any question and/or consultation needed. We shall be happy to oblige. Hereunder are Sabra-Cat's main goals, as have been defined while registering with the Registrar of Associations and which will be implemented fully according to FIFe's rules and regulations:

  • Educating and encouraging the love, health and welfare of the pedigreed and non-pedigreed cats in Israel.

  • Organizing National and International FIFe cat-shows in Israel.

  • Breeding and caring for pedigreed cats, in Israel.

  • Providing assistance and general guidance regarding the breeding of cats.

  • Initiating and organizing different educational and informational events, such as lectures and seminars.

  • Management of the Pedigree-Book (LO and RIEX) and issuing pedigrees for the pedigreed cats, with the FIFe logo, and according to its Breeding and Registration Rules.

    FIFe Letter confirming Sabra-Cat's acceptance
    dated 16 June 2011  please click here

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